Balance: The Wisdom of the Middle Way

If the string is too tight, it will break, if it is too loose it will not sing.”

Emotional balance is the cultivation of our ability to feel, understand and accept our emotions without judgment, avoidance or attachment.

Emotions are powerful. They can make or break our world. They can take us to the highest peak and the lowest bottom. They are our reactions to life events but they are also expressions of our vitality and creative force.

The ALIVE (Awareness and Living Intelligent, Vibrant Emotions) program is a comprehensive collections of courses and strategies presented by Dr. Bianca Briciu. The ALIVE program is intended to enrich many aspects of your life, from personal happiness to career and family relationships.

Our website will provide you with materials and guidance about Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Creativity, Non-Violent Communication and many other personal development tools that will transform your view of the world.

A-Awareness-know yourself and your world-from awareness to mindfulness

L-Live a meaningful lifeĀ 

I-Use your intelligence to solve life problems

V-How does vitality feel? Be your vibrantĀ self!

E-Emotions as the connectors of mind and body, self and others