Bianca’s Articles

Bianca’s Articles

1. Symbols of the Mother in Depth Psychology and Contemporary Feminism, monthly research publication of Kobe University, Cross-Cultural Studies, No 11, 2004,

2. At the Frontier of the Skin: Rape and Body Politics in Intentions of Murder (Akai satsui, Imamura Shohei, 1964), U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal, Josai University, Tokyo, Japan, 2012

3. Love and Power: The Objectification of the Female Body in Hani Susumu’s Inferno of First Love (Hatsukoi jigokuhen, 1968), Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, 2013

4. Universal or National Peace Education? The Visceral and the Moral in the 1950s Japanese Antiwar Film, Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies, 2013

5. Educating the Heart. Mindfulness and Compassion in the Study and Practice of Traditional Thai Massage, Journal of East-West Thought, June, 2015

6. The Female Body as Transgressor of National Boundaries in Imamura Shōhei’s The History of Postwar Japan as Told by a Bar Hostess (Nippon sengoshi, madamu Onboro no seikatsu, 1970), Killers, Clients and Kindred Spirits: The Taboo Cinema of Shohei Imamura, edited by Lindsay Coleman and David Desser, 2017         

7. Become Undone-The Ecstatic Potential of Sexual Pleasure and the Barriers of Mind/Body and Gender Dualism, Writing from Below, La Trobe University, Australia, 2017

8. A Culturally Aware Approach to Mindfulness, article in progress