We are here for a limited time. Why not make the best of it? I hope to live life to the fullest and I want to share with you ideas and strategies that work.

Living life to the fullest is not what it seems. It does not mean pursuing pleasures of all kinds haunted by the fear of our mortality. It means being mindful and aware of the inside and the outside world, having a purpose, using your talents, caring for others, enjoying pleasures small and big, cultivating happiness for you and others. It means doing all these things at the same time, not in a frustrated frenzy given our limited time but in a committed way to care for all parts of who you are: your body, mind, soul. Start with a caring intention for your joy and do not struggle for it (even if you really feel like it).

You can follow the ALIVE program to cultivate 5 different qualities that will help you live life to the fullest.

1. awareness/mindfulness with meaning and purpose

3.use your intelligence and talent

4. increase vitality through mind/body balance

5. develop emotional intelligence

I have a set of courses available but you can start small, by following these news that I will post every week. I will post a strategy, a song/a movie and an ikebana that you can enjoy. Each post will be related to one of the five elements of ALIVE.

Your attention will be my gift.